Suicide Prevention
Peer-to-Peer Support App

Our app connects you with peer to peer support built by you 
for when you're experiencing crisis.

weCARE is a suicide prevention app that is specially designed to provide support for the healthcare community's mental health. The app allows healthcare providers to create support teams, stay connected to their team and send notice to their team in moment of crisis. The healthcare industry is one of the more stressful work environments are they are seeing people in their worst moments daily. The weCARE app offers support on a peer to peer level bringing help to those who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Build Your Team

Invite your family and peers to join your team and strengthen your support network.

Stay Connected

Your location is sent to your team when you send a signal that you need help.

Get Support

Members of your team are on their way to help!

Tips & Information

Download weCARE app and start building your team today!